Hikes & Outings

You’re busy, and it can leave your dog bored and restless. If a walk around the neighborhood just isn’t cutting it, we’re here to help! Whether it’s hiking up mountains, swimming in lakes and beaches, or running through endless fields of flowers, Lisa has an outing that is sure to add a sense of adventure and excitement to your dog’s life.

Services Price*
1 hour hike $40/Dog
2 hour hike (half day outing) $55/Dog
4 hour hike and beach trip and/or lake trip $80/Dog
*Price does not include travel time. Second dog rate is the same price. A meet and greet is first required to ensure the safety of your dog and other dogs.


  • Adds variety to your dog’s life: new sights and smells, hills and valleys to run through, and the feeling of natural grass and dirt beneath their paws.
  • Helps your dog stay toned and fit.
  • Your dog will be tuckered out by the time you get home, making it less likely to act up at home.
  • Reduces your dog’s stress levels.
  • Allows for time to work on basic behaviors, socialization, and maintain their training.